Friday, 26 October 2012

Oct 22 Home at last, Punta Gorda Florida

 We made it to our home in Punta Gorda on Monday and if you look close at the next four pictures you can see Tweety squeezed next to our sailboat that will probably go into the water next week.

 We will have our boat in the canal behind the house, but we have two other marinas. This is the smaller one.
 This is the larger marina and you can see our new club house in the background. Halloween party this Saturday.
 This is the entrance to Windmill Village. If you want to see more about Windmill you can just click here on the blue words. Windmill Village
 Our pool, it will be busy later in the day.
 The veranda on the side of the clubhouse is where we have the weekly after race party.
 We also have a new Tiki hut where many activities are held.

Bocce ball court was just added and many play in teams.

 We enjoy our home with the open design and canal behind that leads to Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf Islands. The next few pics show our favorite features.

This will end our blog for the trip from Port Clinton, Ohio to Punta Gorda, Florida. Total miles was 4851. Today hurricane Sandy is going up the east coast, but we are having wonderful weather and a nice breeze.
Thanks for looking at our blog , we have enjoyed writing it.

Doug and Becky

Monday, 22 October 2012

Oct 21- Last day in paradise before we get to Paradise (Punta Gorda)

 Tweety at our favorite lot number 25. Great view and private.
Nice picnic table overlooking the water

 We got on our bikes and rode to an old railway bridge that is now a walkway.
 From up on the bridge you can see all around. View is excellent.

 Behind me is the bay side beach. When we were here the ocean side had a lot of grass.
 Another view of the Key from the bridge
 The next few pics are the sunset.

 We had another great supper. Steak, salad, roasted peppers, mushrooms and onions.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Oct 20 Bahai Honda day one

 As we got up at Long Key the sun was rising.

 We waded out from Tweety to see a puffer fish.
 We had lunch at 7 mile grill and had a great lunch of Mahi Mahi.
 We made it to our camp site at Bahai Honda, what a great site looking over the blue water. We enjoyed some watermelon, it is summer.
 It is hard to get a self portrait, but Becky was able to do it.
 The next few pics was the sunset, very nice from our campsite.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Oct 19 Becky's Birthday and we went to Key West

 Paseo Restaurant

 When we arrived at Key West we parked just across the bridge from the Municipal Marina and biked towards downtown. We saw Paseo Caribbean Food at 1000 Eaton Street and we decided to have lunch.

 We had scallops with a fire roasted corn. It was very good. Plus the price was good and had plenty with sharing a meal.

 When you get to Key West you will notice that you start to act goofy. Becky had her face painted
 She also started talking to statues.

I met a very tall guy and I was glad he did not eat beans.

 We made a pass of Sloppy Joe's, but it was very busy.
 So we stopped by Captain Tony's to get out of the heat and have a beer.
 Chickens are everywhere, here a mother and chicks were walking on the sidewalk
 You have to get your picture closest to Cuba when you come to Key West.
 A surprise was the garden club of Key West. It was in the ruins of an old fort and was really nice. The next few pics are from there.

 We continued  our trip around the island.

 When we got back to our campground at Long Key the sun had set.
 I thought Tweety looks like a pumpkin with the lights on.